About me


Hi, my name is Miłosz Kosobucki and I'm a software development professional. My main areas of interest are:

  • operating systems
  • computer graphics
  • GPGPU computation
  • game development

Aditionally, I have project management and organizational skills. Thanks to my broad interests, I quickly get familiar with technologies previously unknown to me. I'm open to work in both low and high level languages.

By having experience as an administrator, I am able to not only develop a software project, but also prepare development environment for the team, design deployment infrastructure and evaluate hardware requirements.

I have experience in working with large codebases (think Unreal Engine 4, Linux kernel, Qt framework).

I'm also interested in legal aspects of software development. I have experience with license evaluation and dealing with open source components in proprietary projects.

This page serves as a showcase of my works. At least the ones that I can publicly talk about.


Apart from software development I'm interested in all things around technology and science. I follow developments in Free/Libre/Open Source world particularly closely, because these philosophies are close to my heart.

IT stuff aside, I'm interested in climbing, skiing and to some extent motorsports.